Licenses & Permits for Hunting in New Mexico

(Updated 12-14-2021)

A license must be purchased and possessed by anyone hunting game species in New Mexico. State law also requires anyone applying for or purchasing a big-game or turkey license to purchase an annual Game Hunting license with a Habitat Management and Access Validation (HMAV -18 and older only).

Most public-land hunting licenses and permits for big game in New Mexico are issued by special drawing. Over-the counter public-land hunting opportunities are available for small game (game hunting license valid for upland game and migratory game birds); turkey, bear, cougar, and in limited areas for Barbary sheep, javelina, and ibex. Over-the-counter private-land opportunities are available for deer, pronghorn, oryx, and Barbary sheep. Private-land elk licenses are available by obtaining an authorization number from a landowner.

Harvest reporting is mandatory for all deer, elk, pronghorn, turkey, Barbary sheep, javelina, oryx, ibex and trapper license holders. Failure to submit a mandatory harvest report prior to the deadlines will result in rejection of all draw applications for the following license year. Late fees must also be paid prior to purchasing any following year license if the deadlines are not met.

Click the links for more information about New Mexico’s hunting license and stamp requirements, fees and exceptions, as well as license vendor locations, and benefits available for disability, military service and age..

To create an account or login to purchase or print licenses, apply for draw hunts, check draw results, submit mandatory harvest reports and more, access the NMDGF Online Licensing System.

Father and son hunting in New Mexico.